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  • Spelman College, B.A., English Literature
  • University of Kentucky, M.A., English Literature
  • University of Michigan Law School, J.D.


  • True shoe lover. Phillis has over 400 pairs…and counting
  • Passed 4 bar exams on first try
  • Whiskey collector

Phillis started Rambsy Law as a way to give the firm’s clients and staff, as well as herself, an opportunity to navigate the legal arena in progressive and creative ways, and on their own terms.  Phillis is committed to ensuring that clients are educated and empowered as they seek legal services.

Phillis has a wide-range of legal experience, and prior to founding Rambsy Law; she was a litigation attorney and partner at a number of outstanding law firms.  She has handled matters involving complex commercial litigation matters; personal injury actions; and employment disputes.  Her work in employment law allows Phillis to represent clients in areas of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, race, gender, and age discrimination; and discrimination based on disability.  She also represents clients in contract matters, including contract negotiations for employment and severance contracts, and disputes involving non-compete agreements.  Phillis is also especially interested in ensuring that individuals reach their professional goals, and therefore, often provides assistance to emerging entrepreneurs.

Phillis has obtained successful results by constantly demonstrating skillful negotiations, assertive advocacy, and creative resolutions.  She has passed four bar exams, in four different states—on the first try!  She has done pro bono work for faith-based organizations and people facing difficulties with creditors. She is also a frequent guest speaker at schools, community groups, and business organizations.  Phillis and her family have experienced, first hand, the devastating impacts of cancer; therefore, she is committed to supporting charities and organizations dedicated to supporting cancer patients and/or undertaking cancer research.

Phillis received a Bachelor’s degrees from Spelman College; a Master’s Degree from the University of Kentucky; and a Juris Doctorate (law degree) from the University of Michigan Law School.

Phillis comes from a family of educators, and recognizes that knowledge is power! Remaining loyal to her family’s commitment to education, Phillis continues to serve as a professor at a university where she teaches courses in employment law and human resources management.

Phillis is definitely a soldier in high heels! Her pursuit of justice, service to clients, and educational endeavors are often carried out in a pair of her stylish shoes from her ever-growing collection.  It’s a shoe collection that currently has over 400 pairs of shoes—including numerous pairs of red shoes! It is no secret that Phillis believes that no closet is complete without at least a few pair of red shoes!  Inspired by the mantra from the Wizard of Oz (and The Wiz), Phillis believes that clicking our heels can allow us to reach our wildest dreams.

Reach out to Phillis ( with questions about legal assistance, requests for speaking engagements, or to obtain more information about Rambsy Law.


Fun Facts

  • Dancing Machine
  • Mom to two wonderful daughters
  • Heart of Rambsy Law
  • Paralegal Extraordinaire

Czarina (pronounced Se-rena) Taylor is the voice and the heart of Rambsy Law.  It is Czarina’s soothing voice that callers usually hear when contacting the firm.  Additionally, it is Czarina’s compassion and understanding that provides explanations and assurances to clients.  Czarina has a unique ability to keep everything in the firm running smoothly—even in the midst of chaos and confusion!  Her memory and wisdom are extraordinary! She can often correctly answer questions about client matters, firm policies, and court procedures without referring to a file folder or other reference sources.

Czarina has significant experience as a paralegal.  She has worked on matters involving debt collection, criminal law, personal injury, and, within the last year, Czarina has delved into the arena of employment law.  Czarina has a reputation for providing excellent service, innovative solutions, and superior productivity.  Czarina is so reliable and her expertise so valued, that former employers often call on her for assistance.  Rambsy Law has repeat clients in large part dues to the efforts of Czarina.

Fun fact about Czarina: She is a dancing machine! She has been dancing since she could walk! In fact, she probably started to walk while doing a dance move! Czarina is also an expert in do-it-yourself projects and crafts. She is the designer of the popular Rambsy Law decanters and whiskey glasses (ask us for one!).  Czarina also loves to travel.  As the wife of a member of the armed forces, Czarina has had an opportunity to visit many places and enjoy different cultures.

Although Czarina has received numerous professional and professional accolades and has enjoyed many outstanding achievements, she considers her greatest accomplishment her role as a mother to two beautiful daughters.  Czarina’s daughters are fondly known as the youngest members of the Rambsy Law team!

Contact Czarina ( in order to discuss the ways that Rambsy Law can serve you, questions about your case, or to learn more about the firm.


Fun Facts

  • College Professor
  • Social Media Expert
  • Hip-Hop Connoisseur
  • Lectures a college course studying the works of rapper Jay-Z as literature

Dr. Kenton Rambsy ensures that Rambsy Law is a “cool kid”.  Kenton manages all of the firm’s social media accounts and is the visionary behind most of the firm’s media and marketing campaigns.  Kenton’s wide-ranging skills allow the firm to remain creative and cutting edge in cyber-communications.  Kenton also leads the firm’s efforts to strategically collaborate with others on special events.

Kenton has developed unique expertise in a rapidly expanding social and academic landscape—an arena which is characterized by heavy reliance on a digital interaction. Kenton specializes in data driven marketing or strategies which are built on insights pulled from the analysis of big data— collected through consumer interactions and engagements, and used to form predictions about future behaviors.  Yeah, it’s deep! Admittedly, some members of the Rambsy Law team cannot understand exactly what Kenton does—but the team knows that Kenton can work some cyber magic!

In addition to keeping Rambsy Law cool, modern, and progressive, Kenton is also a professor of African American literature and digital humanities at the University of Texas at Arlington. He earned a PhD in English from the University of Kansas in May 2015, and is a 2010 Magna Cum-Laude, Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Morehouse College. 

Contact Kenton ( to collaborate with Rambsy Law on special projects /events or if you have news or information that is appropriate to promote on the firm’s social media accounts. 

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