The Rambsy Law team is delighted to have Alina Stout, a student at Vanderbilt University, join the firm as an intern for this summer.  Alina brings an extraordinary amount of creativity, compassion, and courage (because being on this team requires considerable amounts of courage) to the firm.  Alina has been with the firm for almost a month, and in that time, she has proven to be an invaluable part of the firm’s operations.  She has interviewed clients, reviewed and revised documents, and contributed to the overall firm mission of expanding the ways to educate and empower clients.

In addition to being an amazing student and fabulous intern, Alina is also an extraordinary competitive swimmer.  Of course, Rambsy Law team leader Phillis, who only [barely] learned to swim a few years ago, is both in awe and in need of Alina’s top-notch swimming skills!  Indeed, Alina’s talent of approaching the sport of swimming with wisdom, grace, and style has provided life lessons for the entire Rambsy Law team.  While Phillis describes swimming as a scary and uncertain undertaking which still causes her anxiety attacks, Aline bravely characterizes swimming as an activity that brings her peace.  We all could learn a great deal from Alina.

There are so many accolades that can be given to Alina and so many wonderful words that can be said about her. But, for now, let’s just learn more about Alina from Alina herself.



  • Vanderbilt University – Double Major Medicine, Health and Society and Political Science
  • Minor in Business


  • Division I Athlete – Swimming
  • Campus Ambassador for Women’s Network

Meet Rambsy Law Intern—Alina Stout

Hi, All! My name is Alina Stout, currently a rising sophomore at Vanderbilt University. I was born and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky until around the age of ten and then moved to my current home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Going to school in Nashville ultimately seems like the perfect mixture of all parts I adore from each of the two cities I grew up in blended into one. I simply cannot get enough of the many Nashville restaurants, along with the endless list of things to do around the city. When I find a bit of free time, you may find me stopping to get a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or shopping in Nashville boutiques.

Growing up, I participated in multiple sports, but ultimately dedicated myself to swimming. My admiration for the water carried me to where I am now, swimming Division I at Vanderbilt University, where I also intend to double major in Medicine, Health, and Society and Political Science with a minor in Business. Aside from academics and athletics, I am also heavily involved in my community as a Campus Ambassador for the Vanderbilt Chapter of the Women’s Network, a women-led networking community that connects college students to professional leaders, as well as preparing women with the skills to enter the professional realm.  Additionally, I am on the 2021-2022 executive board of the Vanderbilt University Dance Marathon that organizes a year-long fundraising campaign, with 100% of the collected funds supporting children and their families at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

I am interested in pursuing a legal career specifically pertaining to healthcare, as I heavily enjoy my involvement with the Children’s Hospital. I have been intrigued with healthcare since I was a little girl. I am extremely excited to be interning for Rambsy Law this summer and discovering more of my interests in law!

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