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Educating and Empowering Clients

Educating Clients | Empowering Clients

Rambsy Law utilizes innovative and strategic methods to assist clients in maximizing results—no matter what situations clients may face.  Using creative and efficient methods, the firm tailors all legal services to meet the specific needs that clients have in a particular situation.

Rambsy Law provides services in Tennessee, Kentucky, and the Metropolitan Washington, DC area (DC, Maryland, Virginia).  Rambsy Law also leverages its widespread networks and relationships to ensure clients have access to high-quality legal services in other geographical locations. 

Rambsy Law provides comprehensive services including in-depth consultations, review and preparation of contracts and other legal documents, representation in employment matters, development of litigation plans, and advisement on general business practices. Rambsy Law consistently merges the use of technology with the expansive talent of a professional team in order to meet the firm’s goal of providing assertive advocacy, education, and empowerment.


Practice Areas

Employment Law

Rambsy Law assists employees experiencing changes in their jobs or careers. These changes could involve difficulties at work or assistance reviewing employment contracts. Whatever the situation, Rambsy Law is prepared to provide you with strategic advocacy in order to maximize your employment situation.

Small Business Representation

Rambsy Law has specially designed pricing packages for small businesses. Services can be offered on a flat fee basis, monthly retainers, or other customized arrangements tailored to the specific needs of a small business.

Estate Planning

Through comprehensive meetings and a review of your overall life situation, Rambsy Law will work with you to ensure that you have the proper documents and plans in place when those difficult moments in life arise.

General Litigation

Rambsy Law often represents clients in negotiating solutions to formal legal actions. Contact Rambsy Law is to determine the next best steps in your litigation matter.

Other Legal Services

This website provides a general overview about the services offered by Rambsy Law. However, each legal matter unique. Even more, sometimes individuals may be unsure about the services that they actually need.

At Rambsy Law we are committed to ensuring that all individuals have access to legal services. Contact us if you have a legal issue and need guidance about next steps.


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